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Foreign & International Legal Research

This guide includes information on researching specific countries' laws (Morocco, Spain) as well as researching international laws, including international human rights.


Google Advanced Search of web pages published in Argentina (restrict search to Language: English OR Spanish, and Region: Argentina OR Site or Domain: .ar)

Research Centers

Online Encyclopedias

Adam Dulin, Argentina, in 1 World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Correctional Systems 149-155 (George Thomas Kurian ed., 2d ed. Gale 2007).


Books available on course reserve for Comparative Law: Argentina (England/Robinson) in the Law Library:

Practical Global Criminal Procedure : United States, Argentina, and the Netherlands / Aya Gruber, Vicente de Palacios, Piet Hein van Kempen (Carolina Academic Press 2012). LAW STACKS basement  K 5401 .G78 2012

Criminal Procedure : A Worldwide Study / edited by Craig M. Bradley (Carolina Academic Press, 2d ed. 2007).  LAW STACKS basement  K 5401 .C74 2007  See Chapter 1: Argentina (covers arrest, search and seizure, eyewitness identification, interrogation, pretrial, trial, appeals).

The Argentine Penal Code 2004 : and Selected Excerpts from Corporate Criminal Law / Estudio Durrieu Abogados (Transnational Publishers 2004) [Criminal Code]. English translation.  LAW STACKS basement  KHA 5414.31921 .A52 2004

Pre-Trial Detention : Human Rights, Criminal Procedural Law and Penitentiary Law, Comparative Law / edited by P.H.P.H.M.C. van Kempen (Intersentia 2012).  LAW STACKS basement  K 5437 .P745 2012  See Julio Enrique Aparacio & Roberto Patricio Ortenzi, Pre-Trial Detention in the Argentine Republic (pp. 225-239).

The Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law / edited by Kevin Jon Heller and Markus D. Dubber (Stanford Law Books 2011).  LAW STACKS basement  K 5015.4 .H36 2011  See Marcelo Ferrante, Argentina (pp.12-48).


Books available in the Law Library (Lawpac), campus libraries (Chinook), and region (Prospector):

Search these three library catalogs at:  E.g., Keyword searches: crime argentina; criminal law argentina; criminal procedure Argentina; criminal justice argentina; police argentina; comparative law argentina; crime Latin America; criminal justice Latin America; etc.

Specialized Law Journals

Revista Jurídica de Buenos Aires (1957-) (Spanish).  The official publication of the University of Buenos Aires Law School.  Indexes to each issue are published online from 1985-.


Journal Articles

Find Journal Articles in databases (law and interdisciplinary):

Law Library:

Campus Libraries:

  • Subject: Law (e.g., Criminal Justice Abstracts, Criminal Justice Database, PAIS Index)
  • Subject: Women, Gender & LGBT Studies (e.g., Academic Search Premier, Family & Society Studies Worldwide, Social Sciences Full Text, Sociological Abstracts, Women's Studies International)
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