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Foreign & International Legal Research

This guide includes information on researching specific countries' laws (Morocco, Spain) as well as researching international laws, including international human rights.


Google Advanced Search of web pages published in Spain (restrict search to Language: English OR Spanish, and Region: Spain OR Site or Domain: .es)

Books and eBooks

Books available in the Law Library (Lawpac), campus libraries (Chinook), and region (Prospector):

Search these three library catalogs at:  E.g., Keyword searches: crime spain; criminal law spain; criminal procedure spain; criminal justice spain; police spain; comparative law spain.
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Journal Articles

Find Journal Articles in databases (law and interdisciplinary):

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Selected Articles in English on Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Criminology (log on to CU VPN from off campus first)

Antonia Linde, Female Homicide Victimization in Spain from 1910 to 2014: the Price of Equality?, 27 European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 183 (2021).

Patricia Faraldo-Cabana, The Wolf-Pack Case and the Reform of Sex Crimes in Spain, 22 German Law Journal 847 (2021).

Carolina Villacampa & Alejandra Pujols, Social Perceptions of Stalking in Spain: The Behaviour’s Seriousness and Legal Response, 18 European Journal of Criminology 147 (2021). 

Pilar Albertin-Carbo et al., Jenny Cubells, Maria Carmen Peñaranda & Luz María Martínez, A Feminist Law Meets an Androcentric Criminal Justice System: Gender-Based Violence in Spain, 15 Feminist Criminology 70 (2020).

Esther Fernández-Molina & Raquel Bartolomé Gutiérrez, Juvenile Crime Drop: What Is Happening with Youth in Spain and Why?, 17 European Journal of Criminology 306 (2020).

Oana Stancu & Daniel Varona, What About Judicial Punitiveness? A Study of Homicide Convictions in Spain (2000–2013), 31 Criminal Law Forum 251 (2020).

Daniel Varona & Steven Kemp, Suspended Sentences in Spain: An Alternative to Prison or a “Bargaining Chip” in Plea Negotiations?, 28 European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law & Criminal Justice 354 (2020) (request on interlibrary loan).

Francisco Caravaca-Sánchez, Noelle Fear & Michael G. Vaughn, A Profile of Violent Offenders in Spanish Prisons, 14 Victims & Offenders 462 (2019).

Vlad Nicolae Nedelcu, Regulation of Punishment in Criminal Law of France, Germany and Spain, 14 Jurnalul de Studii Juridice 39 (2019).

Jenny Cubells & Andrea Calsamiglia, Do We See Victims’ Agency? Criminal Justice and Gender Violence in Spain, 26 Critical Criminology 107 (2018).

Victoria A. Ferrer-Perez & Esperanza Bosch-FiolBatterer Intervention Programs in Spain: An Analysis of Their Effectiveness, 62 International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 885 (2018).

Marta Muñoz de Morales Romero, Reality or Fiction? Strengthening Victims of Crime in Spain by Implementing the EU Victims’ Rights Directive and other European Legal Instruments, 26 European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 335 (2018).

Mar Jimeno-Bulnes, Brexit and the Future of European Criminal Law - A Spanish Perspective, 28 Criminal Law Forum 325 (2017).

Jacobo Cendra Lopez, Maria Recio Zapata & Almudena Martorell Cafranga, Victims with Intellectual Disabilities through the Spanish Criminal Justice System, 7 New Journal of European Criminal Law 76 (2016).

Pilar Villanueva Sainz-Pardo, Women and Children Versus Domestic Violence: Legal Reflections, Needs and Challenges in Spain Today, 18 International Journal of Human Rights 660 (2014).

José Luis de La Cuesta, Criminal Responsibility of Legal Persons in Spanish Law, 84 Revue Internationale de Droit Penal 143 (2013).

Cynthia M. Costas-Centivany, Language Rights in Criminal and Civil Court Proceedings: Their Constitutional Protection in Spain vs. Puerto Rico, 42 Caifornia Western International Law Journal 407 (2012).

José Luis Diez-Ripolles, A Diagnosis of Some Remedies for Spanish Criminal Justice Policy, 2 European Criminal Law Review 123 (2012).

James B. Jacobs & Elena Larrauri, Are Criminal Convictions a Public Matter? The USA and Spain, 14 Punishment & Society 3 (2012).

Mar Jimeno-Bulnes, Jury Selection and Jury Trial in Spain: Between Theory and Practice, 86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 585 (2011).

Elena Larrauri, Conviction Records in Spain: Obstacles to Reintegration of Offenders, 3 European Journal of Probation 50 (2011).

José Luis Diez-Ripollsa & Cristina Guerra-Perez, Pre-Trial Detention in Spain, 18 European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law & Criminal Justice 369 (2010).

Nuno Garoupa, Natalia Jorgensen & Pablo Vazquez, Assessing the Argument for Specialized Courts: Evidence from Family Courts in Spain, 24 International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 54 (2010).

Javier Valls Prieto & Wayne N. Renke, A Comparison of the Spanish and Canadian Law of Self-Defence, 47 Alberta Law Review 853 (2010).

José Luis de la Cuesta & Isidoro Blanco Cordero, The Juvenile Justice System in Spain, 16 Lex ET Scientia International Journal 9 (2009).

Paolo Buonanno & Daniel Montolio, Identifying the Socio-Economic and Demographic Determinants of Crime Across Spanish Provinces, 28 International Review of Law and Economics 89 (2008).

Marcelo F. Aebi & Marc Balcells, The Prosecution Service Function within the Spanish Criminal Justice System, 14 European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 311 (2008).

Esther Fernández Molina & Cristina Rechea Alberola, Policies Transfer: The Case Of Juvenile Justice In Spain, 11 European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 51 (2005).

Mar Jimeno-Bulnes, Lay Participation in Spain, 14 International Criminal Justice Review 164 (2004).

Cristina Rechea Alberola & Esther Fernández Molina, Juvenile Justice in Spain: Past and Present, 19 Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 384 (2003).

C. Donald Huff, What Can We Learn from Other Nations about the Problem of Wrongful Conviction?, 86 Judicature 91 (2002).


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