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Colorado Court Rules

The Colorado Court Rules include the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Colorado Rules of County Court Civil Procedure, Colorado Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Courts, Colorado Rules of Probate Procedure, Colorado Rules of Juvenile Procedure, Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure, Colorado Appellate Rules, Colorado Rules of Evidence, and other rules of Court in Colorado.

The various Colorado Court Rules are available both in print and online versions. In the print versions, the court rules are in their own volumes at the end of the set. West also publishes an annual volume of the Colorado Court Rules, which is a compilation of just the Court Rules in Colorado.

West's Colorado Court Rules
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 2329 .A1 W471
LAW READY REF  KFC 2329 .A1 W471

Annotated versions of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure are also available in the Civil Rules Annotated volumes (4 and 5) of the Colorado Practice Series.

Civil Rules Annotated
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor  KFC 1880 .C6

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