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Since 2007, the official source for Colorado regulations is the online version available through the Colorado Secretary of State's website.  This guide provides instructions on how to search for regulations using this version.  

Researchers can still locate regulations using an unofficial source from LexisNexis.  Sometimes researchers will need to use the print resources if researching superseded regulations.

Finally, Westlaw, Lexis Advance and Bloomberg Law each provide Colorado regulations on their research platforms.  Subscribers of those services should consult those systems for details on how to research them.

Online Browse

Browsing by Rule Number or Agency Name

A researcher can easily locate a rule in the online version of the CCR if the researcher has the CCR citation or knows the agency that promulgated the rule. The site allows researchers to search by Rule Number or to browse by Agency Name.  The address for the online version of the code is  


Browsing the rules will retrieve a list of agencies, as shown below: 


If a researcher has identified the specific agency and knows which department the agency belongs to, the researcher can expand the list of departments.


Once the researcher has located and selected the appropriate agency or number, the resulting page will list the current rules under that agency or CCR number.

Searching by Word, Phrase or CCR number

If a researcher does not have either the CCR citation or the name of the issuing agency, the online CCR does have a search option.

Using the search option, a researcher can search the CCR by word, phrase or CCR number. Researchers have the option of returning to the current version of the regulation or to all versions if that box is checked.


Reviewing the Regulation

Reviewing the Regulation

The current regulation plus earlier versions, if available, are displayed.  With the passage of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act in Colorado (CRS 24-71.5-101 ff.), the regulations are provided in the portable document format (pdf).  


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