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Colorado Register

Locating proposed or newly promulgated regulations is fairly easy through the official online version of the Code of Colorado Regulations and the Colorado Register.

Researchers have two options to check for new regulations.  They can review the most current issue of the Colorado Register.  Or, they can use the e-Docket search engine.

Colorado Register

Using the Colorado Register

The Colorado Register is published twice per month. From the CR home, researchers can browse the recent issues to identify any rules that were adopted since the previous issue and review the "Notice of Rulemaking Hearings" and "Calendar of Hearings" to identify any proposed rules.

The following cover page is drawn from the July 10, 2017 issue of the Colorado Register.  Users can review the new and proposed regulations for relevant rules.


Using e-Docket

Using eDocket

Using the eDocket, researchers can search each agency to see if there are any pending or newly promulgated rules. Researchers must know the agency name and indicate a date range in which the proposed rule would have been filed. Typically, a date range for the last 6 months is sufficient.


The results will list any proposed rules that were filed within the indicated date range. If the rule has been adopted the eDocket will also list the date the AG Opinion was issued, the date the permanent rule was filed with the Secretary of State and the effective date. It will also indicate if the rule has been included in the CCR. Researchers can click on the tracking number to view more details about the new or proposed regulation.


The additional details by the tracking number include the type of filing, the affected CCR Title, the Date and Time of the Rule Hearing, a link to the proposed rule and the statutory authority for the rule.


If the rule has been adopted, this page will also include a link to the rules as adopted and a link to the AG Opinion and will include the adoption and effective dates.

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