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Publication of Colorado Statutes Over Time

Here is publication history of Colorado Statutes:    

Revised Statutes of Colorado 1868 (territory),  David C. Collier (Public Printer)                      ,  

General Laws of Colorado 1877, Tribune Steam Printing House

General Statutes of Colorado 1883, Times Steam Printing & Publishing House

Revised Statutes of Colorado 1908, The Smith-Brooks Printing Company

Compiled Laws of Colorado 1921, The Smith-Brooks Printing Company

Colorado Statutes Annotated 1935, The Bradford-Robinson Printing Company

Colorado Revised Statutes 1953, Callaghan & Company (Chicago)

Colorado Revised Statutes 1963, Bradford-Robinson Printing Co. 

Colorado Revised Statutes 1973, Bradford-Robinson Printing Co. (Last recodification of entire Colorado Revised Statutes set)

1977 was the last year Bradford-Robinson Printing Co. published the Colorado Revised Statutes

1981 The first year Bradford Publishing Co. published the Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado Revised Statutes 1997, published by Bradford Publishing Co. 

Colorado Revised Statutes are reprinted in full each year.  

Colorado Revised Statutes 2002, the last year Bradford Publishing Co. publishes the Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado Revised Statutes 2003+, LexisNexis takes over publishing and distributing the Colorado Revised Statutes


You may look at title pages of associated volumes at this link. (Materials are provided by the Office of Legislative Legal Services, Colorado General Assembly).  


The Office of Legislative Legal Services can provide electronic copies of specified portions of the Colorado Revised Statutes from any year without charge (free!).  Here is link to their web page, where you can fill out the request.  

You can also request certified copies of portions of the Colorado Revised Statutes, by contacting Nate Carr, Asst. to the Revisor of Statutes, at

General Assembly and Supporting Agencies

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