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Occasionally, it is necessary to review the history and previous versions of a regulation to understand the intent of a rule or because a legal issue requires application of a previous version. Locating a historical rule can be challenging depending upon when the rule was promulgated. Many times researching superseded regulations requires researchers to use both the online and the print versions of the CR and CCR. 

This part of the guide will examine how to locate superseded regulations using both the online and print systems.

Researching History Online

Researching History Online

The history of all regulations since 2007 and some from 2006 can be located in the online version of the Code of Colorado Regulations. Researchers can view some of the history of a regulation in the current regulation from the Editor's Notes, which follow the text of the regulation. For earlier versions, the researcher will need to click on "I need older rules" when using the search interface.


The link provides instructions and a further link. 


The researcher will need to enter the regulation under "Name" and then also select "Rules Title Pages" under "Licensing Document Category / Type" in order to retreive the older title pages.​


The researcher can then pull up the title's pages by clicking the first link in the resulting table of results.


The title page can be viewed online or opened in a pdf viewer.


Researching Superseded Regulations in Print

Researching Superseded Regulations in Print

To find versions of a regulation from before 2007, the researcher must locate it in print. In researching superseded regulations in print, researchers must remember that the regulation is first published in the CR and then the new pages are inserted into the CCR and the old pages are removed. The Wise Law Library keeps the old pages, but the researcher must know the dates on which all prior versions were adopted and the CR citation.

To locate this information, the researcher should consult the History and Amendments table on the title page of the regulation. The researcher can locate the title page at the beginning of the regulation in the print CCR or review the Editor's Notes and digital scan of the title page in the online CCR. The title page provides the dates that all versions of a regulation were adopted and the CR issue in which the final rule was published.


Once the researcher has located the CR citation and dates, the researcher must locate a copy of the earlier regulation. This can be challenging based upon the way that superseded regulations have been filed. The Wise Law Library has filed superseded regulations by the CCR citation and the date superseded, so the researcher must identify the year in which the regulation that amended the old rule was inserted into the CCR and find the CCR volume for that year and that regulation in the library. The researcher can find the regulation by CCR citation and then can verify that the CR citation at the top of the page matches that of the desired rule.

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