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Colorado Law and Legal Research

Colorado legal resources and guides

Secondary Authority

Journal Articles

Candy Herring, The Code of Colorado Regulations Goes Global, 37 The Colorado Lawyer 49 (Feb. 2008)

Peter J. Gowen, Insights for Practicing Before Local Government Boards and Commissions in Colorado, 36 The Colorado Lawyer 53 (Nov. 2007)

Theresa Leming, Strategies for Finding Administrative Materials Online, 35 The Colorado Lawyer 109 (Aug. 2006)

Books and Treatises
Colorado Appellate Advocacy Deskbook
Chapter 14: Administrative Appeals

Colorado Legal Research (2010)
Chapter 6: Administrative Law
LAW REFERENCE 2nd floor   KFC 1875 .L56 2010

Demystifying Administrative Law and Procedure in Colorado (1998)
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor    KFC 2240 .Z9 B87 1998  

A Day in the Life of an Administrative Hearing (1995)
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor   KFC 2240 .Z9 C63 1995 

Colorado Administrative Law Practice (1994)
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor    KFC 2240 .Z9 C63 1994 

Annual Survey of Colorado Law
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor    KFC 1870 .A56
The first section of the survey covers developments in Colorado Administrative Law for the year, including regulatory development and citations to some administrative cases.
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