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Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado has two versions of its statutes. The official state version is the red set published by LexisNexis and titled Colorado Revised Statutes. This set is reissued in its entirety every year, and the library keeps all current and superseded sets on Reserve and in the Colorado Section on the second floor of the library. 

Colorado Revised Statutes
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor  KFC 1830 .C66
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 1830 .C66

LexisNexis also makes the Colorado Revised Statutes available online for free.

West also publishes an unofficial version of the statues called West's Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated. The set is blue and is updated annually by pocket parts. The law library keeps all superseded pocket parts and the Current volumes in the Colorado Section on the second floor of the law library. This is also the version of the statutes available electronically on Westlaw.

West's Colorado Revised Statutes Annotated
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 1830 1973 .A47 1989
LAW READY REF  KFC 1830 1973 .A47 1989

The text and the numbering of the statutes in the two sets is exactly the same, although the annotations in the two versions are different. Researchers may wish to look at the annotations in both versions to identify all relevant sources.

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