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Health Law

An introduction to legal research in some of the major aspects of Health Law.


Public health is the health of a population as a whole; the health of people and the communities in which they live. In general, public health refers to the way in which public health researchers, practitioner, and educators work to prevent disease and promote health. Public health operates through education, policy, and research with the ultimate goal of addressing the health problems of communities as a whole rather the individual health problems of one person.

Public health law refers to the government's ability and authority to promote or protect public health and govern health through statutes, rules or local ordinances in cooperation with those who apply the health system. Public health law covers a wide variety of topics and provides enough material to cover in a complete guide of its own. This particular guide solely serves to provide tools that a research can use to obtain an introduction to public health law topics and to facilitate further research into the field.

Introductory Materials

Global Public Health

Online Resources

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