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Intellectual Property Research

This guide includes information on researching patents and copyrights.

Practice Materials

Compendium II of Copyright Office Practices
Available on Lexis Advance
Manual used by the staff of the Copyright Office as a general guide to its examining and related practice. 

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Copyright Law (Supp. 2013)
Available on WestlawNext
Includes information on major copyright laws, guidance on what types of works are copyrightable, copyright registration requirements and the "fair use" defense

Raymond J. Dowd, Copyright Litigation Handbook (Supp. 2013)
Available on WestlawNext
Practical, detailed guidance that walks attorneys step-by-step from client calls through the calculation of costs and attorney's fees. Includes sample forms, pleadings, motions, checklists and pratice tips. 

David R. Gerk & John M. Fleming, New Practitioner's Guide to Intellectual Property (KF 2979 .G47 2012)
Provides important background and history as well as information on prosecution and litigation for patents, trademark, trade dress, unfair competition, trade secrets and copyright. Includes practical knowledge on how to handle various aspects of IP ranging from procurement to enforcement. 

James E. Hawes, Copyright Registration Practice (KF 3004 .H392 1999-current)
Covers every aspect of the registration process, from what is copyrightable, to the selection of proper application forms, to handling problems that occur in registration. 

John W. Hazard, Copyright Law in Business and Practice (KF 2994 .H35 1998-current)
Available on WestlawNext
Discusses copyright and related property-protection laws; what can and cannot be copyrighted; protection for computer programs and elements; copyright ownership and rights conferred; notice, deposit and registration; licensing, transfers, termination rights and taxation of copyrights; infringement; remedies; and publication, licensing and Internet service agreements

Todd S. Holbrook & Alan Nathan Harris (eds.), Model Jury Instructions: Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Dress Litigation (KF 8984 .M63 2008)
Provides instructions for presentation to juries on copyright, trademark and trade dress litigation. Includes a discussion of the cases, as well as how and when to adapt the instruction to particular cases, to the laws of particular states, to the requirements of particular jurisdictions, or in light of inconsistent authority. 

Lester Horwitz & Ethan Horwitz (eds.), Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation (2013)
Available on Lexis Advance
Assists in advising clients on various aspects of IP law. 

Bruce P. Keller & Jeffrey P. Cunard, Copyright Law: A Practitioner's Guide (Supp. 2012)
Available on Bloomberg Law
Explains major federal copyright legislation and related court rulings.

Faisal Shah, Corporate Counsel Solutions: Intellectual Property Management: Strategies and Tactics (2013)
Available on Lexis Advance
Practical resource for information related to a company's intellectual property assets. Discusses cybersquatting, IP licensing, patents, copyright and trade secret protection. Also includes warnings, practice tips, checklists and forms. 

United States Copyright Office Forms
Contains links to the forms necessary to register a copyright. 

West's Legal Forms: Intellectual Property (Vol. 25) (KF 170 .W472 1981-current)
Available on WestlawNext
Contains forms related to patents, copyrights, trademarks and entertainment industry agreements.
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