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Intellectual Property Research

This guide includes information on researching patents and copyrights.

Secondary Sources

Martin J. Adelman et al., Patent Law Perspectives (2015)
Available on Lexis
Analysis of developments in patent law and the effects of these developments on current and future practice. 

Irwin M. Aisenberg, Modern Patent Law Precedent (LAW REFERENCE, 2nd Floor, KF 3112 .A37 2014)
Available on Westlaw
Dictionary that includes more than 2,000 terms and concepts related to patent law. Each term or concept includes references to relevant case law. 

G. Peter Albert Jr., et al. (eds.), Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace (Supp. 2014)
Available on Bloomberg Law
Coverage ranges from the basics of how the domain name system works to updated analysis of jurisdictional issues. 

Eric E. Benson, Intellectual Property in Bankruptcy: A Collier Monograph (2012)
Available on Lexis
Examines issues that arise at the intersection of bankruptcy law and intellectual property law. 

Kenneth J. Burchfiel, Biotechnology and the Federal Circuit (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3133 .B56 B87 2010-current)
Available on Bloomberg Law
Provides an analysis of all of the most important Federal Circuit and Supreme Court decisions in the field. 

Donald S. Chisum, Chisum on Patents (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3114 .C47 1944-current)
Available on Lexis
33-volume treatise on patent law, including doctrines, rules and case law on issues related to patentability, validity and infringement. 

Donald S. Chisum, Patent Law Digest (2015)
Available on Lexis
Contains concise summaries of precedential patent related decisions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the United States Supreme Court from 2008 through 2012. 

Robin Feldman, Rethinking Patent Law (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3114 .F45 2012)
Focuses on crafting rules that anticipate the bargaining that will occur as patent rights unfold. Discusses difficult issues in patent law, such as whether genes, software, and business methods constitute patentable subject matter, whether patents in the life sciences should control inventions that have yet to be discovered, and how to resolve the battles between pharmaceutical companies and generics. 

Sheldon W. Halpern et al., Fundamentals of United States Intellectual Property Law: Copyright, Patent, Trademark (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 2979 .H357 2015) 
Provides thorough treatment of complex material. Includes detailed citations.

Robert L. Harmon, et al., Patents and the Federal Circuit (2014)
Available on Bloomberg
Includes a break-down and analysis of important, influential, and up-to-date case law. 

Daryl Lim, Patent Misuse and Antitrust Law: Empirical, Doctrinal, and Policy Perspectives (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3116 .L56 2013)
Looks at patent misuse and presents a qualitative analysis of modern misuse case law spanning 1953 to 2012. 

Ernest Lipscomb, Patent Claims (2014)
Available on Westlaw
Covers the history and evolution of patent claims and includes statutory requirements for claims, general rules of construction of claims, and the expansion of the patented claims beyond their literal terms. Also explains the limitations of claims by court interpretation, the general principles underlying the drafting of United States claims to secure adequate protection, statutory classes of inventions, and the selection of claims.

J. Thomas McCarthy & Roger E. Schecter, McCarthy's Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property (LAW REFERENCE, 2nd Floor, KF 2976.4 .M38 2004) 
Defines patent, trademark, and copyright terms of art and uses them in context. The encyclopedia also analyzes relevant cases and statutes and provides citations to more cases and IP treatises.

John Gladstone Mills III, et al., Patent Law Fundamentals (Supp. 2015)
Available on Westlaw
Includes synopses of recent decisions by the PTO's Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Analyzes changes in the rules of practice before the PTO. 

Carl R. Moy, Moy's Walker on Patents (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3114 .D444 2003 - current)
Available on Westlaw
This multi-volume treatise provides in-depth analytical treatment of patent law

Lawrence M. Sung, Medical Device Patents (2015)
Available on Westlaw
Addresses the unique aspects of U.S. medical device patents, specifically durable medical equipment, and examines their grant and enforcement.

John R. Thomas, Pharmaceutical Patent Law (Supp. 2014)
Available on Bloomberg Law
Examines both patent law and food and drug laws. 

Eddy D. Ventose, Patenting Medical and Genetic Diagnostic Methods (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3827 .M4 V46 2013)
Explores the issue of patenting medical and genetic diagnostic methods in the United States. Examines decisions of the Patent Office Boards of Appeal and the early courts on the question of whether medical treatments were eligible for patent protection under section 101 of the Patents Act.  

Secondary Sources

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