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Intellectual Property Research

This guide includes information on researching patents and copyrights.


Patent law grants exclusive rights to inventions that are new, useful, and not obvious. The holder of a patent has the right to exclude anyone else from making use of the patented invention without first getting permission from the holder. This guide provides a list of sources that will assist in learning about, studying, and practicing patent law.

Introductory Resources

Martin J. Adelman et al., Patent Law in a Nutshell (LAW RESERVE, 2nd Floor, K 1505 .A34 2013)
Provides a description of the fundamentals of United States patent law. Topics covered include claim construction, obviousness, anticipation, written discription and enablement, infringement, and remedies. 

Alan L. Durham, Patent Law Essentials: A Concise Guide (LAW RESERVE, 2nd Floor, KF 3114.3 .D87 2013)
Explains the latest revisions to the protections and limitations of patent law, incudling recent Supreme Court decisions concerning the patentability of software, business methods, and advancements in biotech. 

Amy L. Landers, Understanding Patent Law (LAW RESERVE, 2nd Floor, KF 3114 .L36 2012)
Includes coverage of all major patent law topics. Provides illustrative examples of complex patent doctrines. Also discusses the policy and historical underpinnings of primary patent law doctrines. 

Stephen M. McJohn, Intellectual Property: Examples and Explanations (LAW RESERVE, 2nd Floor, KF 2980 .M35 2015)
Provides extremely clear introductions to concepts followed by realistic examples that mirror those presented in the classroom throughout the semester.

Major Treatises

Donald S. Chisum, Chisum on Patents (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3114 .C47 1944-current)
Available on Lexis 
33-volume treatise on patent law, including doctrines, rules and case law on issues related to patentability, validity and infringement. 

Carl R. Moy, Moy's Walker on Patents (LAW STACKS, 1st Floor, KF 3114 .D444 2003 - current)
Available on Westlaw
This multi-volume treatise provides in depth analytical treatment of patent law

Introductory Resources

Major Treatises

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