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Bankruptcy Law

A short guide directing you to helpful resources for bankruptcy law research.

Primary Sources

Title 11 of the United States Code is divided into chapters.  Chapters 1, 3, and 5 generally pertain to all bankruptcy cases, whereas the remaining chapters address specific types of cases.  For example, Chapter 11 typically applies to the reorganization of a business.

Bankruptcy court procedure is governed by the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, not the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

United States Code, Title 11 (First Floor – KF 62 2012 .A2 v.6) - Available at
The official version of the Code released by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives.
United States Code Annotated, Title 11 (Reference - KF 62.5 .W45 T.11) - Available on Westlaw (database identifier = USCA); personal password required. The USCA is updated much more frequently than the official USC and references the West Key numbering system. It includes a very comprehensive guide to the material.
United States Code Service, Title 11 (First Floor – KF 62.5 .L49 T.11) - Available on Lexis (USCS); personal password required. The USCS is also updated more frequently than the official Code. Its strength lies in the straightforward legislative history and focused case notes.
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (Reserve – KF 1511.596 .A19 W44) - Available on Westlaw or Lexis (FRBP) and at
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