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Food Law

This guide provides an overview of Food Law and its resources.

Background Information

National Agricultural Law Center, Congressional Research Service Reports
The Congressional Research Service (CRS), a nonpartisan department within the Library of Congress, creates reports to inform Congress about various issues. The reports provide legal and nonlegal analysis of a wide array of issues, and can provide a good overview of a topic. The National Agricultural Law Center has collected many of these reports and indexed them under common topics. The National Agricultural Law Center also writes its own publications available here.  

Food & Drug Administration, Fourth Edition, James T. O’Reilly, Available on Westlaw (be sure you are looking at the secondary sources and not the primary materials from the FDA which uses the same name)
This treatise covers the background of the FDA, FDA procedure, substantive areas such as food safety, food additives, products liability, and more.  The text is easy to read and full of citations to primary authority. This would be a good place to start when researching anything related to the FDA.

Center for Food Safety
This site contains information on GE crops, food labeling, food safety, and litigation in those areas.
Note: this website contains useful information, but certainly has an agenda. With that in mind, information from this site should be evaluated closely.

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