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This guide provides information about and access to various databases.

EBSCO eBooks


EBSCO has one of the largest technology teams in the industry with hundreds of employees dedicated to technology and development and dozens of library services engineers.


E-books curated by librarians around particular subjects including business and economics, social science, technology and engineering, and political science.

How to Access

Go to UCB Libraries’ Catalog and run a Title search for “ebsco ebooks.” Click on eBook Collection (EBSCOHost) link. Browse by subject or search by title, author, or publisher. Search/browse within a book.


Connect to eBook Collection (EBSCOHost) from a computer connected to the campus internet or while logged into the VPN.

Reading Device

Devices supporting a Web browser and Adobe Digital Editions free software. Must enable cookies and JavaScript in your web browser.

Restrictions/Formats (Print/Download/Email)
DRM-free e-books; users can download the full book or individual chapters with no sign-in required and read them in any application or transfer them to any device. In order to download eBooks, you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your device.

PDF, EPUB. Google Drive integration and smartphone/mobile optimization.

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