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This guide provides information about and access to various databases.

Aspen Learning Library

Aspen Publishing is the leading provider of educational content and digital learning solutions to law schools in the U.S. and around the world.

Study aids from Examples & Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines, Emanuel CrunchTime, Glannon Guides, Inside Series, and Casenote Legal Briefs, as well as over 100 video and audio lectures.

How to Access

Through the Aspen Learning Library app available on iOS, Android, or Desktop


Online Study Aid Library (Examples and Explanations, Glannon Guides, etc.) through our catalog here


Connect to Aspen Learning Library from a computer connected to the campus internet or while logged into the VPN. Search by keyword, author, title, or year. Search a single volume or multiple volumes, or search the complete library at one time.

For questions on how to use Aspen Learning Library, please consult the Student User Guide.

Reading Device
Aspen Learning Library launched a new app for both phones and computers. The Aspen Learning Library app will be available on iPhones, Android phones, tablets, Mac and PC’s and will provide a streamlined experience and sync user notes, bookmarks and highlights across all devices. You will now have the ability to download content right from the app for offline reading! 

"If you were using the IPC Reader app, you should remove it from your phone, tablet or computer prior to downloading the new Aspen Learning Library".

Reading Offline: How to Download

If you select “Read Offline”, you will be directed to the app download screen. Simply download the app you want to use and then sign in. Then choose the book you want and click on the download icon or the book cover image to download the book. You can read this offline now, as it will be saved on your device. If you sign into your personalized account, any notes and highlights will be saved and synced when you come back online.

Restrictions/Format (Print/Download/Email)
There is no limit to the number of books you can download at one time. Once you download a book, it will stay on your bookshelf for 120 days. After that, you can download it as many times as you need to. Currently download of videos and audio is not supported. To watch videos or listen to audio on a mobile device, please access them within the app while online. To access from a computer, you must use a web browser as the Mac and Windows apps do not support these features yet.


Creating Your Account

With Aspen Learning Library, you are able to make a personalized account that allows you to save books and download them for offline use. First, make sure you are either on campus or using the VPN when you create your account. To create your personalized account, you need to click on where it says "University of Colorado Law School" and then click on "Personalize." 

You will then see the Login/Register window pop-up. You want to click on "Register."

Next, you need to fill out all the required information. Make sure to use your school email address. Once everything is filled out, click "Create My Account."

Congratulations, you successfully created your account! You can tell that you are now in your account by looking at the top of the page. It should now state "You are logged into University of Colorado Law School as (your school email address)." In the top right, you should also see the account has changed to your name.

Connected Casebook

Aspen publishes high quality, pedagogically rich, market-leading textbooks covering every discipline in law.

The Aspen Casebook Series (famously known amongst law faculty and students as the "red and black" casebooks) encompasses almost 400 highly regarded textbooks in more than eighty disciplines.


How to Access


Purchase a new Connected Casebook and register at with the access code on the inside front cover.

Reading Device
Devices supporting a Web Browser.

Restrictions/Format (Print/Download/Email)
A searchable e-book version of your casebook, a Study Center with practice questions, outlining and case briefing tools, and a topical news feed to connect learning to everyday life.


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