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This guide provides information about and access to various databases.

Oxford Handbooks

Academic: Oxford University Press.

The complete texts of selected Oxford Handbooks in Law and other subjects. Each chapter in a handbook is referred to as an “article.” Note: choose “Law” from the list of modules at the bar at the top of the page to search legal materials only.

How to Access
Connect to the Oxford Handbooks website while connected to the campus internet or while logged into the VPN. Click on Oxford Handbooks Online link. Browse by Subject (e.g., Law) or run a search. Click on the Books tab to browse to a particular handbook in a discipline. Search/browse within a book.


Available through the UCB Libraries’ Catalog. Click on the Oxford Handbooks Online link.

Reading Device
Devices supporting a Web browser and PDF reader.

Restrictions/Format (Print/Download/Email)
P/D one chapter (article) at a time.

HTML (view), PDF (download).

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