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Bluebook 101

This guide will serve as a general introduction to the Bluebook. It is tailored to students seeking to cite-on or write-on to one of CU's law reviews or journals.

Rule 17

Rule 17.1 provides basic citation forms for unpublished and forthcoming sources. 

Item Citation
Unpublished manuscript Jennifer Arlen, Public Versus Private Enforcement of Securities Fraud 12–19 (June 22, 2007) (unpublished manuscript) (on file with the Columbia Law Review).
Dissertation, theses Alexander J. Blenkinsopp, Honesty vs. Expedience: The Deficient Jurisprudence of Punishment and the Legal Labeling Game (Nov. 1, 2005) (A.B. thesis, Harvard University) (on file with the Harvard University Library system).
Letter, memorandum, or press release Memorandum from President Franklin Roosevelt to Attorney Gen. Robert H. Jackson (July 1, 1939) (on file with the Harvard Law School Library).
E-mail E-mail from Laura Bakst, Editor, Harvard Law Review, to author (Feb. 4, 2017, 01:31 EST) (on file with author).
Forthcoming publication Eduardo Peñalver, Land Virtues, 94 Cornell L. Rev. (forthcoming May 2009).
Working paper Dan Black et al., Demographics of the Gay and Lesbian Population in the United States: Evidence from Available Systemic Data Sources 9 (Ctr. for Policy Research, Working Paper No. 12, 1999).


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