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Bluebook 101

This guide will serve as a general introduction to the Bluebook. It is tailored to students seeking to cite-on or write-on to one of CU's law reviews or journals.

Bluebook 101

The Bluebook provides rules for legal citation. It is dense and many find it overwhelming.  This guide will help you break down some of its key features. When you are first starting your citation work, the Bluebook's Quick Style Guide can help orient you to the most common citation forms. 

An online subscription to the Bluebook is also available for purchase. 


For in-depth treatment of the Bluebook, please visit the Bluebook LibGuide authored by CU Law Librarian Aamir Abdullah. 


White Pages v. Blue Pages: How Bluebook Divides Materials


Bluepages provide citation rules for  court documents or legal memoranda


Whitepages provide detailed citation rules for academic legal writing, law reviews and law journals.


Finding Aids

Finding aids can help you quickly locate rules or examples:

Inside the Front Cover Law Review Tables
Inside the Back Cover Court Documents and Legal Memoranda Tables
Index Back of the volume
Table of Contents Back cover


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