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Library Services for Law Faculty


Many faculty cite to online resources in law review articles only to find many links cited in their article break between the initial submission and the cite-checking process. is a service that helps scholars and others create web citation links that will never break. When a user creates a link, archives the content and generates a link to an archived record of the page. No matter what happens to the original source, the archived original record will still be available through the link. Using ensures that material you cite will always be accessible to your readers. To create a account contact Aamir Abdullah,

Repository for Faculty Scholarship

The Law Library manages a digital Institutional Repository of Faculty Scholarship. The online repository makes your scholarship easier for readers to find, and thus more likely to be read and cited. To help the librarians add your scholarship to the repository faster, send Michelle Penn, any publication agreements that you have. Before signing a publication agreement, make sure that you are allowed to add your work to our institutional repository and negotiate this if the proposed publication agreement is unclear.

Remote Access to Library Resources

If you have any trouble accessing online library resources, first make sure that you are using the CU VPN if off-campus. If you are still unable to access library resources, please email so we can help trouble-shoot. You may also want to review our Remote Access to Library Resources Guide.

Notable Mentions Newsletter

The Library has an email newsletter (usually sent on a weekly basis on Friday afternoons) that alerts Colorado Law faculty and staff of new faculty publications and news articles featuring Colorado Law faculty. If you have a publication or notable mention for the newsletter, email Michelle Penn. Usually, sending notable mentions by Friday morning will ensure that they are included in the newsletter. Conversely, if you do NOT want to be included in the newsletter, please let Michelle Penn know.

Scholarly Profiles

The Library works to keep your HeinOnline profiles updated. Please let Michelle Penn know if your HeinOnline profile is incorrect or missing publications. The Library can also provide assistance with updating other profiles like ORCID or Google Scholar. Please contact Michelle Penn if you need assistance creating or updating your scholarly profiles.

Managing your Research with Citation Tools

The Library can provide assistance with citation management tools like Zotero. Please see this guide for information on the different citation management tools. Zotero is one of the more popular citation tools for law faculty. While it does not by default provide Bluebook citation formats, Bluebook citation formatting can be added to Zotero. 

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