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Covers Hein Collections: GAO Reports, American Indian Law Collection and Law Journal Library.

Help Resources

Additional Resources for Using the Law Journal Library

For help navigating HeinOnline, visit our Knowledge Base which contains hundreds of articles, training guides, and videos. The articles linked below are all related to the Law Journal Library.

Knowledge Base Articles about the Law Journal Library


General Help Resources for Using HeinOnline

Check out the articles below to get started on becoming your own HeinOnline specialist.

General Training Videos

How to Use ScholarCheck

When browsing through scholarly journals and secondary sources in HeinOnline, it's imperative to know how authoritative a source is for your research. ScholarCheck analyzes citation data to provide the most-cited journals, articles, and authors and aides researchers in quickly locating related material. Watch the brief video below to get an overview of HeinOnline's ScholarCheck.

Discovering History (HeinOnline Academic Webinar)

HeinOnline experts Tim Hooge and Steve Roses take a deeper look into researching all things history. Learn how to find rare government documents, original international treaties, historical letters, and declarations of war, as well as crucial secondary source analysis of historical events using the Law Journal Library.

MyHein Training Videos

Creating a MyHein Account

MyHein is an individual's personal research account within their institution's affiliated HeinOnline subscription. Learn how to create an account to bookmark documents, save search queries, set up alerts, and more.

How to Manage Your HeinOnline Search History with MyHein

When using an information search engine, one crucial factor is the ability to see your previous search activity. Users can not only see a listing of their search history in HeinOnline, but also manage and organize their previous search queries using MyHein.

How to Favorite Databases with MyHein

Do you have favorite databases in HeinOnline that you use on a regular basis? Do you wish they were easily accessible? Well, thanks to a customer suggestion from Shay Elbaum of Stanford Law School, users can mark databases as favorites to push them to the top of their HeinOnline welcome page using their MyHein account! Check out this quick tutorial to see this feature in action.

How to Manage Author Alerts in MyHein

With HeinOnline’s author profile pages, users have long been able to set up email alerts for particular authors. Have you set up author alerts in the past, and found it hard to keep track? Would you like to set up and manage a number of author alerts all in one place? If so, keep reading or watch our brief video to learn about MyHein's author alerts feature.

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