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Seminar Paper Research

This guide is intended to direct researchers to resources on scholarly legal writing, including both legal and interdisciplinary resources.

University of Colorado Libraries

Much of today's scholarly writing crosses multiple disciplines. Interdisciplinary research may provide fertile ground for finding an original thesis involving law and another academic field. For example, see the journals dedicated specifically to interdisciplinary legal scholarship listed below. The law library provides students with access to many legal databases. However, for interdisciplinary research that includes research into law and other areas of study, such as environmental studies or psychology, students should consult the many databases available through the University Library system.

To save time, record your search history in a log of some kind. It can be as simple as a Table like this one. Keeping track of your searches, databases, and findings will prevent you from repeating the same searches or losing track of your findings. This is especially important when you are researching in different databases, as you would for interdisciplinary research.

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