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Researching in the Law Firm Environment: What Law Firm Librarians Want You to Know

Resources and advice curated by Keslie Kandt, Research Librarian, at Davis Graham and Stubbs LLP in Denver, Colorado.

Firm Librarian Final Tips

The following is a list of a few other things to keep in mind as you begin your career:

  1. You have a staff. Don't forget to inquire about the appropriate tasks to delegate to various staff members in order to use your time and the skills of others most effectively.
  2. Don't forget about books. Your firm may have some resources in print only, so don't forget to find out whether you have a resource in print. You may also be entitled to have office copies of some resources so inquire about those options if there is a print resource you know you will use frequently.
  3. Don't forget about libraries.  The University of Colorado's Wise Law Library as well as the local court and law school law libraries have many more resources than are available at any firm. Don't forget to check their catalogs and use their resources if your firm does not have something you need. (This is particularly important to remember if you are a small firm or solo attorney).
  4. You are responsible for maintaining your license. Don't forget about your annual registration fees and CLE reporting. The requirements vary by state. For more information on Colorado requirements visit the Office of Attorney Regulation website.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Other attorneys and staff, as well as your colleagues, former professors, and especially former librarians, are here to help, don't be afraid to consult them when you have questions.


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