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Family Law Research Guide

This guide is provided to assist patrons with family law research questions. There are sections specifically aimed toward Practitioners, Self-Help or Pro Se individuals, and Students. There is also a section that lists specific topics of interest to famil

Family Law

"Family law, or domestic-relations law, is the body of law dealing with marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody and support, child abuse and neglect, paternity, assisted reproductive technology, and other domestic-relations issues." Black's Law Dictionary (10th ed. 2014). Many jurisdictions have specialized courts and special rules of procedure to handle family law matters. In Colorado, Domestic Relations cases are heard by Colorado's District courts. Boulder County is in the 20th Judicial District. Although all family law is state law (as opposed to federal), and most matters are civil (as opposed to criminal), the law of every state may differ. For instance, you should check whether your jurisdiction is a community property state (Colorado is not), and whether you live in a state that recognizes Common Law marriage (Colorado does). These can be important issues for determining property and other marital rights.

This guide provides information for practitioners, law students, and pro se individuals. If you are an individual who needs help with a family law matter, you may find useful information in the self-help section of the guide. However, nothing in this guide is intended to be a substitute for legal advice.



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