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Criminal Law

A guide providing an introduction to Criminal Law, relevant texts and treatises, and potential issues.

Criminal Law Specialist

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Jill Sturgeon
Associate Director & Head of Public Services
William A. Wise Law Library
University of Colorado Law School
402 UCB, 2450 Kittredge Loop Dr., Rm. 218
Phone: 303-492-2704


Courtroom Criminal Evidence, 5th Ed., Edward J. Imwinkelried et al.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9662 .C68 2016  [available on LexisNexis]
Criminal Evidentiary Foundations, Edward J. Imwinkelried, Daniel D. Blinka.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9660 .I49 2016  [available on LexisNexis]
CONTENTS: The competency of witnesses -- Authentication -- Rule 403 and legal relevance limitations on credibility evidence -- Bolstering witnesses before impeachment -- Impeachment of witnesses -- Legal relevance limitations on evidence that is relevant to the historical merits of the case -- Privileges and similar doctrines -- The best evidence rule -- Opinion evidence -- The hearsay rule, its exemptions, and its exceptions -- Substitutes for evidence -- Motions to suppress evidence -- General procedural considerations -- Confessions and admissions -- Searches and seizures -- Eyewitness identification -- The impeachment exception.
Wharton's Criminal Evidence, 15th ed., Barbara E. Bergman and Nancy Hollander.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9660 .W43 1997  [available on Westlaw: CRIMEVID]
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