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Criminal Law

A guide providing an introduction to Criminal Law, relevant texts and treatises, and potential issues.

General Treatises

Wharton's Criminal Procedure, 14th ed., Nancy Hollander, Barbara E. Bergman, Melissa Stephenson.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9619 .W4314             
Criminal Procedure, 3rd Ed. (West's Criminal Practice Series), Wayne R. LaFave, et al. 7 vol.
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor  KF 9619 .L34 2015  [Available on Westlaw: CRIMPROC]

Colorado-Specific Treatises

Criminal Practice and Procedure 2d Ed., Robert J. Dieter. West. (Colorado Practice Series v. 14-15)
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor  KFC 1880 .C6  [Available on Westlaw: COPRAC]
The Criminal Trial from Start to Finish in Colorado: The Defense, Darren R. Cantor, Carrie Clein, Raymond P. Micklewright.  
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 2375 .Z9 C36 2003
CONTENTS: Evidentiary rules for expert witness evidence / Raymond P. Micklewright -- Legal issues for jury selection or what to know before you know anything / Darren R. Cantor -- Opening statements / Carrie H. Clein -- Direct/cross examination of lay witnesses / Carrie H. Clein -- Making and defending objections, also known as reinin' them doggies in / Darren R. Cantor -- Instructions and verdicts more accurately described as the less interesting and maddening, but imperative details of trial / Darren R. Cantor -- Closing argument / Raymond P. Micklewright -- A legal ethics primer for criminal defense lawyers / Raymond P. Micklewright
Crimes and Defenses in Colorado, Marianne Wesson.
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 2366.8 .W47 1989                
Effective Pretrial Tactics in Colorado Criminal Defense Proceedings, Charles L. Fife, Raymond P. Micklewright.
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 2337 .Z9 F54 2000
CONTENTS: Evaluating the case -- Function of defense counsel -- Areas to attack when defending a client -- Special considerations

Practice Guides

Criminal Defense Techniques. Looseleaf. [Available on LexisNexis]
Criminal Practice Handbook, 4th Ed., Jay Shapiro. LexisNexis.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9619 .H76 2014                  
Criminal Law Practice Pointers, CLE in Colorado, Inc.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9219.3 .C75573 2006
Contents: Character evidence / presented by H. Patrick Furman -- How to win the case...eventually / presented by Ann M. Aber -- Winning your trial while keeping your license: ethical limits on the generation and presentation of evidence / presented by H. Patrick Furman -- How to persuasively put on expert witnesses / presented by Karen S. Steinhauser -- Mental slowness, mental illness, mental condition and insanity in Colorado / presented by Andrew C. Heher and Susan L. Fisch
The Criminal Practice Report. BNA. vol. 11-17 Biweekly.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9615 .B591
Everytrial Criminal Defense Resource Book, Nancy Hollander and Barbara E. Bergman. Looseleaf.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9619 .H662  2013-16  [available on Westlaw: CRDEFRB]

Federal Court Rules

A Student's Guide to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Laurie L. Levenson. Thomson/West.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9607.515 .L48 2006
Orfield's Criminal Procedure under the Federal Rules, 2nd ed., Lester B. Orfield.
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 9619 .O7 1985-CURRENT  [available on Westlaw: ORFIELDS]

Law Reviews and Journals

Annual Review of Criminal Procedure (Georgetown Law Journal).
LAW PERIODICALS basement  K 7 .E6482  (available on HeinOnline)

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