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Constitutional Law

A guide to various sources for Constitutional Law research and where to locate them.


Constitutional Law is the body of law derived from the Constitution of the United States and primarily includes issues of government power, civil rights, and civil liberties.  When conducting research in constitutional law, researchers may want to begin by reviewing the text of the Constitution and its amendments.

Getting Started

Researchers unfamiliar with this area of law should review the secondary sources covering this topic.  Secondary sources provide an interpretation of the law and often provide citations to relevant primary sources.  Secondary sources include treatises, which cover all topics of the body of law, and law journal articles, which provide a comprehensive discussion of a specific issue within the area of law.

Researchers will also need to review the primary authority.  Primary sources for constitutional law include the actual text of the U.S. Constitution and court decisions from the Federal Courts, particularly the United States Supreme Court.  Many secondary sources will cite the primary sources, so researchers should note those citations for further review.

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