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2L Year And Beyond: A Success Guide


Study Aids can be an invaluable way to study fundamentals of an area of law. Publishers have created a number of different types of guides which can provide an overview of an area of law, provide examples to show how the law works, and provide sample test questions. This guide provides a brief listing of popular study aids used by students when preparing for courses and exams.  Make sure to try multiple guides until you find the one that works best for you.

With the exception of Evidence and Legal Ethics and Professionalism, all these course are optional. The following guide covers some the most widely taken 2L and 3L courses offered at Colorado Law.

Tip: Ctrl-F this page to see what study materials are available for your course. 

Where do I find these study aids?

In the Library

The latest edition of these study aides are located on Reserve at the Circulation Desk. Older editions can be found in the Stacks.

Books on Reserve in the library may be borrowed for up to four hours and those in the stacks for up to the entire semester. Be sure to check with the librarian when borrowing to see when your book will be due. Older editions may be borrowed for an extended period of time. 


The library provides student subscriptions to study aids through Wolters Kluwer, West Academic, LexisNexis Digital Library, and many more. See below to learn how to access these resources.

West Academic Study Aids

Image of the study aid "Bankruptcy and Related Law in a Nutshell"Image of the study aid "Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories" Examples of the many study aids available from West Academic.

Students connected to the university VPN can access West Academic study aids, including the Nutshell and Law Stories series. Click here for instructions on logging into the VPN. After logging in, visit

Aspen Learning Library (f/k/a Wolters Kluwer Study Aids)

Image of the study aid "Property Examples and Explanations"Image of the study aid "Emanuel Law Outlines: Wills, Trusts, and Estates" Examples of the many study aids available from Wolters Kluwer.

Students can access Aspen Learning Library (F/K/A the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library) using the university VPN.  This resource features a wide range of study aids in various formats, including the Examples & Explanations series.

Click here for instructions on logging into the VPN. After logging in, visit

LexisNexis Digital Library

LexisNexis Digital Library Graphic

This digital collection of study aids from LexisNexis includes the Understanding Series, Questions & Answers, among others.  Law students can create their own accounts on the Lexis platform and can save highlights and notes on the various titles.  

LexisNexis Digital Library

Audio Study Guides

Law School Legends Audio Series
Sum And Substance Audio

Study Guide Series

Examples & Explanations Series (Wolters Kluwer) 
Glannon Guides (Wolters Kluwer
Inside Series (Wolters Kluwer
Mastering Series (Carolina Academic Press) 
  • Features bullet-point chapter road-maps 
  • Offers checkpoints at the end of each chapter (reviewing key concepts) 
  • Includes a Master Checklist (helpful for outlining) 
  • Available for check out in the library.
Questions & Answers (LexisNexis) 
Understanding Series (LexisNexis Matthew Bender) 
West's Hornbooks (West Academic)
Acing Series (West Academic)
Exam Pro Series (West Academic)
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