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Landlord-Tenant Law Research Guide

This guide is intended to lead researchers, landlords, and tenants to resources on the subject of the laws of renting real property, especially in Colorado.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-Tenant Law is the law that governs the legal relationship between landlords and their tenants. This guide is intended to lead researchers to resources, and is not intended as legal advice. Look for statutes governing the landlord-tenant relationship in Colorado in Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 38, Property--Real and Personal, especially Article 12, Tenants and Landlords. These statutes can be located in our library at KFC 1830 .C66 or online.


For information on security deposits, see Colorado Practice Series: 10 Colo. Prac., Creditors' Remedies - Debtors' Relief, Chapter 8, located on Westlaw and in the library catalog at KFC 1880.C6.


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