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Productivity Software for Lawyers

The purpose of this guide is to highlight tools and techniques available in common productivity software that you may not have had reason to use before, but that can be especially useful to lawyers and legal professionals.

Adobe in General

Acrobat is a complicated program, and if you’re going to use it extensively, you’ll be well served by looking at one of the books listed earlier in this guide so you can understand the full functionality of the product.  Below are tutorials and guides to some of the features that lawyers in particular should be familiar with.

Adding headers, footers, and Bates numbers

•  Add headers, footers, and Bates numbering to PDFs
•  Acrobat for Legal Professionals Blog: Posts in Category "Bates Numbering"

Password protect PDFs

•  Password Security using Adobe Acrobat 8 or 9
•  Securing documents with passwords in Acrobat DC

Creating archival PDFs (PDF/A)

•  Description of PDF/A standard and tutorial on creating PDF/A documents

Removing sensitive content

•  Removing sensitive content in Acrobat DC

Removing metadata

•  New Examine Document feature in Acrobat 8-9


•  Redaction Tips and Techniques for Acrobat 8-9
•  Guide to redaction in Acrobat 10-11​
•  Guide to redaction in Acrobat DC
•  Creating and using custom redaction patterns

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