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American Indian Law

An introduction to American Indian Law with numerous links to helpful sources.


American Jurisprudence - use the term "Indians"
LAW REFERENCE 2nd floor  KF 154 .A522 (Also available on Westlaw)

Corpus Juris Secundum - use the term "Indians"
LAW STACKS 2nd floor  KF 154 .C422 (Also available on Westlaw, print edition not updated)

Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition
LAW REFERENCE 2nd floor  KF 8220 .A59 E53 1998 

American Indian Tribal Governments
LAW STACKS basement  E 98 .T77 O27 1989

Electronic Resources

American Indian Law Collection

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES  KF 8205 .A44i (Available on HeinOnline) - restricted access
With more than 700 unique titles and 350,000 pages dedicated to American Indian Law, this collection includes an expansive archive of treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. This library also features rare compilations edited by Felix S. Cohen that have never before been accessible online.

David H. Getches Collection

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES  KF 373 .G47948 D384i (Available on the Wise Law Library Website)

Publications featured here include:
Conquering the Cultural Frontier: The New Subjectivism of the Supreme Court in Indian law    View PDF
This is Getches' most-cited article on Indian law. In it he asserts that "the [Supreme] Court has assumed the job it formerly conceded to Congress, considering and weighing cases to reach results comporting with the Justices' subjective notions of what the Indian jurisdictional situation ought to be. This new subjectivist approach...severs tribal sovereignty from its historical moorings, leaving lower courts without principled, comprehensible guidance."

Treatises & Texts

American Indian Law Deskbook Conference of Western Attorneys General (2017). 
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor KF 8205 .A762
American Indian Law in a Nutshell, William C. Canby, Jr. (2015). 
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor KF 8205 .Z9 C36 2015

American Indians and the Law, N. Bruce Duthu (2008).
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8210 .R32 D88 2008 

American Indian Sovereignty and Law: An Annotated Bibliography, edited by Wade Davies, Richmond L. Clow (2009).
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8201 .A1 A44 2009

American Indian Tribal Law, Mathew L.M. Fletcher (2011). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8220 .F54 2011 

Boarding School Healing Symposium (2011). 
LAW STACKS basement  KDZ 483 .R47 B63 2011 

Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law, David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, Robert A. Williams, Jr., Matthew L.M. Fletcher (2017). 
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor KF 8204.5 .G47 2017

Children, Tribes, and States: Adoption and Custody Conflicts over American Indian Children, Barbara Ann Atwood (2010). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8210 .C45 A789 2010 

A Guide to Colorado Legal Resources for Native Americans, American Indian Law Clinic of the University of Colorado School of Law (2005). 
LAW COLORADO 2nd floor  KFC 2305 .G85 2005 (View PDF)

Indian Law Stories, edited by Carole Goldberg, Kevin K. Washburn, Philip P. Frickey (2011) . 
LAW RESERVE 2nd floor  KF 8205 .Z9 I53 2011

Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies, Justin B. Richland and Sarah Deer (2016).  
LAW STACKS 1st floor KF 8205 .R53 2016 

Native Americans, Race and the Constitution (2009). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8210 .C5 N38 2009 

On the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions, Felix S. Cohen ; edited by David E. Wilkins ; foreword by Lindsay G. Robertson (2006). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8221 .C64 2006  

The Rights of Indians and Tribes, Stephen L. Pevar ; introduction by John Echohawk (2012). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8210 .C5 P48 2012

The Supreme Court and Tribal Gaming: California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, Ralph A. Rossum (2011). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8210 .G35 R67 2011 

The Supreme Court's Role in American Indian Policy, John H. Vinzant (2009). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8205 .V56 2009

Trusteeship in Change: Toward Tribal Autonomy in Resource Management, edited by Richmond L. Clow & Imre Sutton ; foreword by David H. Getches (2001). 
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8205 .T78 2001


American Indian Law Review 
LAW PERIODICALS basement  K 1 .M68 (Available Online)

Land and Water Law Review
LAW PERIODICALS basement  K 12 .A5 (Available on HeinOnline)

NARF Legal Review
LAW STACKS 1st floor  KF 8201 .A3 N37 (Available Online)

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