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Colorado Administrative Law Research

This guide provides an overview of the Colorado executive branch and the law it produces through its regulations, agency decisions, and attorney general opinions.

Attorney General Opinions

The Attorney General serves as the state's attorney and provides legal advice to state agencies. Some of the opinions can provide an interpretation of Colorado law as it applies to an agency.

Regulatory Opinions

Colorado Register
Code of Colorado Regulations
Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, the Attorney General must review new rules to ensure compliance with existing law. A copy of the regulatory opinion is published with the rule in the Colorado Register and all AG opinions since 2007 are linked from the rule in the online version of the CCR.

Other Opinions

AG Opinions
Researchers can browse and search AG Opinions from as far back as 1994 from the Attorney General's website. 

Colorado Attorney General Opinions
LAW MICROFORMS 1st floor  KFC 2240 .A55f
The AG Opinions are available in the library in microform dating back to 1967.

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