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Copyright Law

This guide provides a list of sources that will assist in learning about, studying and practicing copyright law.

Foreign & International Resources

H. Bart Andrew et al. (eds.), Getting the Deal Through: Copyright
Available on Bloomberg Law
Provides international analysis of key areas of copyright law. 

BNA's World Intellectual Property Report
Available on Bloomberg Law
Coverage of international legal developments affecting intellectual property. Updated continuously, with a review published each month. 

Paul Edward Geller, et al., (eds.), International Copyright Law and Practice (2013)
Available on Lexis Advance
International Copyright Law and Practice is an annually updated treatise that integrates the global analysis of international copyright with in-depth chapters on national laws. 

Global IP Law Service Quick Charts
Available on Lexis Advance
Covers IP practice and proceedings guidelines for all 24 regions of the world. Provides easy comparisons for each country in a given region. 

Intellectual Property: Principles Governing Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Judgments in Transnational Disputes (American Law Institute)
Available on HeinOnline
Contains principles for resolving transnational intellectual property disputes. Topics include personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, applicable law on title to and transfer of rights, and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. 

Adrian Sterling, World Copyright Law (3rd ed.)
Available on WestlawNext
Deals with the issues of copyright law in international and foreign law applications. 

M. Hutton Susan (ed.), Getting the Deal Through: Intellectual Property and Antitrust (2014)
Available on Bloomberg Law
Provides international analysis in key areas of intellectual property and antitrust law and policy

Silke von Lewinski, Copyright Throughout the World (2013)
Available on WestlawNext
Guide to the copyright law of a variety of nations. Topics covered include registration and formalities, scope of protection, presumptions of ownership, transfers, collective rights management, remedies, circumvention of technological measures and rights management information, secondary liability, and conflict of laws rules. 

WIPO Lex (World Intellectual Property Organization)
A one-stop search facility for national laws and treaties on intellectual property of the WIPO, WTO and UN members. Also features related information which elaborates, analyzes and interprets these laws and treaties. 

WIPO-Administered Treaties
Full text and information about 26 WIPO-administered treaties, including the WIPO Convention. 
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