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Anti-Racism Resources for Teaching and Learning

S. James Anaya


  S. James Anaya, International Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples (Wolters Kluwer 2009).




  S. James Anaya, Indigenous Rights Norms in Contemporary International Law, in 3 Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Critical

  Concepts in Law 239 (Denise Ferreira da Silva & Mark Harris eds., Routledge 2019). 


  S. James Anaya & Robert A. Williams, Jr., Protection of Indigenous Peoples' Rights over Lands and Natural Resources Under the

  Inter-American Human Rights System, in 3 Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Critical Concepts in Law 314 (Denise Ferreira da Silva

  & Mark Harris eds., Routledge 2019).


  S. James Anaya & Luis Rodríguez-Piñero, The Making of the UNDRIP, in The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: A

  Commentary 38 (Jessie Hohmann & Marc Weller eds., Oxford University Press 2018).


Rabea Benhalim


Rabea Benhalim, The Case for American Muslim Arbitration, 2019 Wis. L. Rev. 531, available at

Rabea Benhalim, Religious Courts in Secular Jurisdictions: How Jewish and Islamic Courts Adapt to Societal and Legal Norms, 84 Brook. L. Rev. 745 (2019), available at

Alexia Brunet Marks


Alexia Brunet Marks, Hunter Knapp & Nicole Civita, Project Protect Food Systems' Colorado Coronavirus Crisis Essential Food System Worker Policy Response Agenda, U. Colo. L. Rev. Forum (Aug. 20, 2020),, available at

Deborah J. Cantrell


Deborah J. Cantrell, Transformative Silence and Protest, SSRN, Mar. 9, 2021,

Deborah J. Cantrell, Love, Anger, and Social Change, 12 Drexel L. Rev. 47 (2019), available at

Deborah J. Cantrell, Love, Anger, and Lawyering, 19 Rich. J.L. & Pub. Int. 283 (2016),, available at

Deborah J. Cantrell, What's Love Got to Do with It?: Contemporary Lessons on Lawyerly Advocacy from the Preacher Martin Luther King, Jr., 22 St. Thomas L. Rev. 296 (2010), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter


  David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, Robert A. Williams, Jr., Matthew L.M. Fletcher & Kristen A. Carpenter, Cases and Materials on

  Federal Indian Law (West Academic Publishing 7th ed. 2017).


 The Indian Civil Rights Act at Forty (Kristen A. Carpenter, Matthew L. M. Fletcher & Angela R. Riley eds., UCLA American

  Indian Studies Center 2012).



Angela R. Riley & Kristen A. Carpenter, Decolonizing Indigenous Migration, 109 Calif. L. Rev. 63 (2021), available at

Kristen Carpenter & Alexey Tsykarev, (Indigenous) Language as a Human Right, 24 UCLA J. Int'l L. & Foreign Aff. 49 (2020), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter & Angela R. Riley, Privatizing the Reservation?, 71 Stan. L. Rev. 791 (2019), available at

Angela R. Riley & Kristen A. Carpenter, Owning Red: A Theory of Indian (Cultural) Appropriation, 94 Tex. L. Rev. 859 (2016), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter & Angela R. Riley, Indigenous Peoples and the Jurisgenerative Moment in Human Rights, 102 Calif. L. Rev. 173 (2014), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter, Limiting Principles and Empowering Practices in American Indian Religious Freedoms, 45 Conn. L. Rev. 387 (2012), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter, Sonia K. Katyal & Angela R. Riley, In Defense of Property, 1118 Yale L.J. 1022 (2009), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter, Real Property and Peoplehood, 27 Stan. Envtl. L.J. 313 (2008), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter, Interpretive Sovereignty: A Research Agenda, 33 Am. Indian L. Rev. 111 (2008), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter, The Interests of "Peoples" in the Cooperative Management of Sacred Sites, 42 Tulsa L. Rev. 37 (2006), available at

Kristen A. Carpenter, A Property Rights Approach to Sacred Sites Cases: Asserting a Place for Indians as Nonowners, 52 UCLA L. Rev. 1061 (2005), available at

More Articles by This Author on Indigenous Peoples and Justice

Violeta R. Chapin


Violeta R. Chapin, ¡Silencio! Undocumented Immigrant Witnesses and the Right to Silence, 17 Mich. J. Race & L. 119 (2011), available at

Ming Hsu Chen


Regulatory Rights: Civil Rights Agencies, Courts, and the Entrenchment of Language Rights, in The Rights Revolution Revisited: Institutional Perspectives on the Private Enforcement of Civil Rights in the U.S. 100 (Lynda G. Dodd ed., Cambridge University Press 2018).



Ming Hsu Chen, Governing by Guidance: Civil Rights Agencies and the Emergence of Language Rights, 49 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 291 (2014), available at

Ming Hsu Chen, Language Rights as a Legacy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 67 SMU L. Rev. 247 (2014), available at

Ming Hsu Chen &Taeku Lee, Reimagining Democratic Inclusion: Asian Americans and the Voting Rights Act, 3 UC Irvine L. Rev. 359 (2013), available at

Ming H. Chen, Alienated: A Reworking of the Racialization Thesis After September 11, 18 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol'y & L. 411 (2010), available at

Ming Hsu Chen, Note, Two Wrongs Make a Right: Hybrid Claims of Discrimination, 79 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 685 (2004), available at


Ming Hsu Chen, Colorblind Nationalism, Yale J. on Reg.: Notice & Comment (July 13, 2020),

Justin Desautels-Stein


Justin Desautels-Stein, The Right to Exclude: Racial Ideology, Borders, and the Global Legal Order (forthcoming Oxford University Press).

Race, Racism, and International Law: Critical Race Theory in Global Context (Devon Carbado, Kimberle Crenshaw, Justin Desautels-Stein & Chantal Thomas eds.) (under review with publishers).


Justin Desautels-Stein, A Prolegomenon to the Study of Racial Ideology in the Era of International Human Rights, 67 UCLA L. Rev. 1536 (2021), available at

Justin Desautels-Stein, Angela P. Harris, Martha McCluskey, Athena Mutua, James Pope & Ann Tweedy, Classcrits Mission Statement, 43 Sw. L. Rev. 651 (2014), available at

Justin Desautels-Stein, Race as a Legal Concept, 2 Colum. J. Race & L. 1 (2012), available at

Carla F. Fredericks


Carla F. Fredericks & Jesse D. Heibel, Standing Rock, the Sioux Treaties, and the Limits of the Supremacy Clause, 89 U. Colo. L. Rev. 477 (2018), available at

Carla F. Fredericks, Operationalizing Free, Prior, and Informed Consent, 80 Alb. L. Rev. 429 (2016-2017), available at

David H. Getches (d. 2011)


  David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, Robert A. Williams, Jr., Matthew L.M. Fletcher & Kristen A. Carpenter, Cases and Materials on

  Federal Indian Law (West Academic Publishing 7th ed. 2017).


  Out of the Mainstream: Water Rights, Politics and Identity (Rutgerd Boelens, David Getches & Armando Guevara-Gil eds.,

  Earthscan 2010).



David H. Getches, Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Water Under International Norms, 16 Colo. J. Int'l Envtl. L. & Pol'y 259 (2005), available at

David H. Getches, Beyond Indian Law: The Rehnquist Court’s Pursuit of States’ Rights, Color-Blind Justice and Mainstream Values, 86 Minn. L. Rev. 267 (2001), available at

David H. Getches, The Unsettling of the West: How Indians Got the Best Water Rights, 99 Mich. L. Rev. 1473 (2001) (reviewing John Shurts, Indian Reserved Water Rights: The Winters Doctrine in Its Social and Legal Context, 1880s-1930s (2000)), available at

David H. Getches, Conquering the Cultural Frontier: The New Subjectivism of the Supreme Court in Indian Law, 84 Calif. L. Rev. 1573 (1996), available at

Aya Gruber


  Aya Gruber, The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration (University of California

  Press 2020).



Aya Gruber, Policing and "Bluelining," 58 Hous. L. Rev. 867 (2021), available at

Aya Gruber, The Troubling Alliance Between Feminism and Policing, Calif. L. Rev. Online (Sept. 2020),, available at

Aya Gruber, Do Abolitionism and Constitutionalism Mix?, JOTWELL, Feb. 11, 2020 (reviewing Dorothy Roberts, Abolition Constitutionalism, 133 Harv. L. Rev. 1 (2019)),, available at

Aya Gruber, #MeToo and Mass Incarceration, 17 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 275 (2020), available at

Aya Gruber, Equal Protection Under the Carceral State, 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1337 (2018), available at

Aya Gruber, When Theory Met Practice: Distributional Analysis in Critical Criminal Law Theorizing, 83 Fordham 3211 (2015), available at

Aya Gruber, Marked!, JOTWELL (Nov. 3, 2014) (reviewing Issa Kohler-Hausmann, Managerial Justice and Mass Misdemeanors, 66 Stan. L. Rev. 611 (2014)), http://crim.jotwell.conmarked/, available at

Aya Gruber, Murder, Minority Victims, and Mercy, 85 U. Colo. L. Rev. 129 (2014), available at

Aya Gruber, Race to Incarcerate: Punitive Impulse and the Bid to Repeal Stand Your Ground, 68 U. Miami L. Rev. 961 (2014), available at

Aya Gruber, Leniency as a Miscarriage of Race and Gender Justice, 76 Alb. L. Rev. 1571 (2012-2013), available at

Aya Gruber, Why We Need a Progressive Account of Violence, JOTWELL (Aug. 6, 2012) (reviewing James Forman, Jr., Racial Critiques of Mass Incarceration: Beyond the New Jim Crow, 87 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 101 (2012)),, available at

Aya Gruber, Navigating Diverse Identities: Building Coalitions Through Redistribution of Academic Capital--An Exercise in Praxis, 35 Seton Hall L. Rev. 1201 (2005), available at

More Articles by This Author on Feminism and Race 

Lakshman D. Guruswamy


  Lakshman Guruswamy, Global Energy Justice: Law and Policy (West Academic 2016).



  International Energy and Poverty: The Emerging Contours (Lakshman Guruswamy ed., Routledge 2016).


Jennifer S. Hendricks


Jennifer S. Hendricks, Contingent Equal Protection: Reaching for Equality After Ricci and PICS, 16 Mich. J. Gender & L. 397 (2010), available at

Jennifer S. Hendricks, "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.", 46 Tenn. L. Rev. 417 (2009), available at

Peter H. Huang


Peter H. Huang, Resistance is Not Futile: Challenging AAPI Hate,, May 23, 2021,

Peter H. Huang, Anti-Asian American Racism, COVID-19, Racism Contested, Humor, and Empathy,, July 30, 2020 (forthcoming 16 Fla. Int'l U. L. Rev. __ (2021)),

Peter H. Huang, From Tiger Mom to Panda Parent, 17 Asian Pac. Am. L.J. 40 (2012) (reviewing Amy Chua, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (reprint ed. 2011)), available at

Peter H. Huang, Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting, 1 Brit. J. Am. Legal Stud. 297 (2012), available at

Lolita Buckner Inniss


   The Princeton Fugitive Slave: The Trials of James Collin Johnson (Fordham University Press 2019).




Lolita Buckner Inniss, "Other Spaces" in Legal Pedagogy, 28 Harv. J. on Racial & Ethnic Just. 67 (2012), available at

Craig J. Konnoth


Craig Konnoth (Symposium Editor), Understanding the Role of Race in Health: Conclusions from the Symposium, Bill of Health Blog (Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School), Nov. 5, 2020,

Craig Konnoth (Symposium Editor), Understanding the Role of Race in Health: A New Digital Symposium, Bill of Health Blog (Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School), Sept. 16, 2020,

Craig Konnoth, Medicalization and the New Civil Rights, 72 Stan. L. Rev. 1165 (2020), available at and Craig Konnoth, Medical Civil Rights as a Site of Activism: A Reply to Critics, 73 Stan. L. Rev. Online 104 (2020),, available at

Craig Konnoth, Intersectionality in the Opioid Crisis: Anti-Black Racism and White, Pregnant, Opioid Users, JOTWELL, May 12, 2020 (reviewing Khiara M. Bridges, Race, Privilege, and the Opioid Epidemic: White Privilege and the Criminalization of Opioid Use During Pregnancy, 133 Harv. L. Rev. 770 (2020)),, available at

Craig Konnoth, Health Information Equity, 165 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1317 (2017), available at

Sarah Krakoff


  American Indian Law: Cases and Commentary (Robert T. Anderson, Bethany Berger, Sarah Krakoff & Philip P. Frickey eds., West

  Academic 4th ed. 2019).



 Sarah Krakoff, Public Lands and the Public Good: The Limitations of Zero-Sum Frames, in Beyond Zero Sum

 Environmentalism 133 (Sarah Krakoff, Melissa Powers & Jonathan Rosenbloom eds., Environmental Law Institute 2019).


 Sarah Krakoff, Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change, in Climate Change Law 627 (Daniel A Farber & Marjan Peeters eds.,

 Edward Elgar Publishing 2016).  


 Sarah Krakoff, Sustainability and Justice, in Rethinking Sustainability to Meet the Climate Change Challenge 199 (Jessica Owley &

 Keith H. Hirokawa, eds., Environmental Law Institute 2015).


 Sarah Krakoff, Natural Resource Development and Indigenous Peoples, in Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for

 Legal Remedies 199 (Randall S. Abate & Elizabeth Ann Kronk eds., Edward Elgar Publishing 2013).



Sarah Krakoff, Not Yet America's Best Idea: Law, Inequality, and Grand Canyon National Park, 91 U. Colo. L. Rev. 559 (2020), available at

Sarah Krakoff, Environmental Injustice and the Limits of Possibilities for Environmental Law, 49 Envtl. L. 229 (2019), available at

Sarah Krakoff, Public Lands, Conservation, and the Possibility of Justice, 53 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 213 (2018), available at

Sarah Krakoff, They Were Here First: American Indian Tribes, Race, and the Constitutional Minimum, 69 Stan. L. Rev. 491 (2017), available at

Sarah Krakoff, Constitutional Concern, Membership, and Race, 9 FIU L. Rev. 295 (2014), available at

Sarah Krakoff, Settler Colonialism and Reclamation: Where American Indian Law and Natural Resources Law Meet, 24 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl. L. Rev. 261 (2013), available at

Sarah Krakoff, Inextricably Political: Race, Membership, and Tribal Sovereignty, 87 Wash. L. Rev. 1041 (2012), available at

More Articles by This Author on Indigenous Peoples and Justice

Benjamin Levin


Benjamin Levin, Wage Theft Criminalization, 54 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1429 (2021), available at

Benjamin Levin, Imagining the Progressive Prosecutor, 105 Minn. L. Rev. 1415 (2021), available at

Benjamin Levin, What's Wrong With Police Unions?, 120 Colum. L. Rev. 1333 (2020), available at

Benjamin Levin, Mens Rea Reform and Its Discontents, 109 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 491 (2019), available at

Benjamin Levin, Criminal Employment Law, 39 Cardozo L. Rev. 2265 (2018), available at

Benjamin Levin, Rethinking the Boundaries of "Criminal Justice," 15 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 619 (2018) (reviewing The New Criminal Justice Thinking (Sharon Dolovich & Alexandra Natapoff eds., 2017)), available at

Benjamin Levin, Guns and Drugs, 84 Fordham L. Rev. 2173 (2016), available at

Benjamin Levin, Note, A Defensible Defense?: Reexamining Castle Doctrine Statutes, 47 Harv. J. on Legis. 523 (2010), available at

Suzette M. Malveaux


A Guide to Civil Procedure: Integrating Critical Legal Perspectives (Brooke D. Coleman, Suzette M. Malveaux, Portia Pedro & Elizabeth Porter eds., forthcoming New York University Press 2021).


Suzette M. Malveaux, The Modern Class Action Rule: Its Civil Rights Roots and Relevance Today, 66 U. Kan. L. Rev. 325 (2017), available at

Suzette M. Malveaux, Clearing Civil Procedure Hurdles in the Quest for Justice, 37 Ohio N.U. L. Rev. 621 (2011), available at

Helen Norton


Helen Norton, The Equal Protection Implications of Government's Hateful Speech, 54 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 159 (2011), available at

Danielle Keats Citron & Helen Norton, Intermediaries and Hate Speech: Fostering Digital Citizenship for Our Information Age, 91 B.U. L. Rev. 1435 (2011), available at

Helen Norton, The Supreme Court's Post-Racial Turn Towards a Zero-Sum Understanding of Equality, 52 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 197 (2010), available at

Helen Norton, Stepping Through Grutter's Open Doors: What the University of Michigan Affirmative Action Cases Mean for Race-Conscious Government Decisionmaking, 78 Temp. L. Rev. 543 (2005), available at

Helen Norton, You Can't Ask (or Say) That: The First Amendment and Civil Rights Restrictions on Decisionmaker Speech, 11 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 727 (2003), available at

Nadav Orian Peer


Nadav Orian Peer, Public Purpose Finance: The Government's Role as Lender, 83 Law & Contemp. Probs. 101 (2020), available at

Carolyn B. Ramsey


Carolyn B. Ramsey, Firearms in the Family, 78 Ohio St. L.J. 1257 (2017), available at

Carolyn B. Ramsey, The Stereotyped Offender: Domestic Violence and the Failure of Intervention, 120 Penn St. L. Rev. 337 (2015), available at

Scott Skinner-Thompson


  Scott Skinner-Thompson, Privacy at the Margins (Cambridge University Press 2020).

Ahmed A. White


Ahmed A. White, My Coworker, My Enemy: Solidarity, Workplace Control, and the Class Politics of Title VII, 63 Buff. L. Rev. 1061 (2015), available at

Ahmed A. White, The Concept of "Less Eligibility" and the Social Function of Prison Violence in Class Society, 56 Buff. L. Rev. 737 (2008), available at

Ahmed A. White, Capitalism, Social Marginality, and the Rule of Law's Uncertain Fate in Modern Society, 37 Ariz. St. L.J. 759 (2005), available at

Ahmed A. White, Rule of Law and the Limits of Sovereignty: The Private Prison in Jurisprudential Perspective, 38 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 111 (2001), available at

Charles F. Wilkinson


  David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, Robert A. Williams, Jr., Matthew L.M. Fletcher & Kristen A. Carpenter, Cases and Materials on

  Federal Indian Law (West Academic Publishing 7th ed. 2017).


  Charles Wilkinson, Blood Struggle: The Rise of Modern Indian Nations (W. W. Norton 2005).



  Charles Wilkinson, Messages from Frank's Landing: A Story of Salmon, Treaties, and the Indian Way (University of Washington

  Press 2000).


  Charles Wilkinson, Fire on the Plateau: Conflict and Endurance in the American Southwest (Island Press 1999).

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