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Remote Access to Library Resources

This guide provides instructions for accessing library resources from off campus.


Go to the William A. Wise Law Library Website.

1) William A. Wise Law Library website

After you've turned your VPN on, the first step is to go to the William A. Wise Law Library website. 

Click on

2) Click on "All" under the "Databases" heading

On the William A. Wise Law Library homepage, click on "All." "All" is located under the "Databases" heading. 

Click on

3) Click on "W"

There are over 100 databases digitally available at the William A. Wise Law Library. Click on the "W" at the top of the we webpage. 

Go to the West Academic website

4) Click on the "West Academic Study Aids" link

The first link under "W" should be the "West Academic Study Aids" link. Click that link. The link should take you to the West Academic Study Aids website. 

5) Click on "Create an Account"

On the West Academic Study Aids website, look to the top right hand corner. There you should see the "Create an Account" link. Click that link. 


6) Click on "Student"

You will next be asked what type of user you are. You are a student. Click the bubble next to the word "Student." Then, click "Next."

Complete Form

7) Fill in your information

Here, you will fill in and provide all relevant information.

  • Please do not skip any area that is required.
    • Required areas are those with an asterisk (*).
  • Please use your CU Law email address. 
  • Please indicate that you are a "Student at a US Law School."
  • Please make sure that your "School" is properly titled: "University of Colorado School of Law."

Create an Account

8) Click "Create Account"

Once you've filled out all of the required information, click on "Create Account."

Accept Terms and Conditions

9) Accept End User License Agreement

To complete the sin-up process, simply accept the "End User License Agreement."

Confirm Email Address

10) "Confirm Your School E-mail"

You may be may be asked to confirm your law school e-mail address. Simply provide your CU Law e-mail address in the text box. And, click "Confirm Email."

Verify Email

11) Verify

Once you've created your account. You will need to verify your e-mail address. In your CU Law e-mail Inbox, you should receive an e-mail for West Academic. Click the appropriate link to "Email Verify." Click "Close" once your e-mail address has been verified.  

Search Bar -

12a) Search for "Legal Research"

Once you have created your account, there are two options available to locate the requisite text. The first is to search for "Legal Research" by using the search bar. 

Alternative to Search Bar

12b) Use the "1L SUBJECTS" Dropdown Menu

Alternatively, you can use the "1L SUBJECTS" dropdown menu. Click on the "1L SUBJECTS" dropdown menu. Then click on "Legal Research and Writing."

Legal Research in a Nutshell

13) Click on the "Legal Research Nutshell"

Once you are viewing the search results, scroll to locate the appropriate book. For this class we are using the "Legal Research Nutshell." Click on the title. 

Read Offline

14) Check "Read Offline"

Now that you are on the book webpage, you have the option to read the book offline. To do so, simply check the box next to "Read Offline."

Highlight Unlocked

15) Highlighting

Now that you have access to the book, and it is available to read offline, you can mark up and highlight your copy. Feel free to give it a try!

App Download

16) Download App

Remember, this book is available offline. As such, you should be able to read the book via software application. This app is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Be sure to download the right app!

App Store

17) macOS App

See, this is the app you will use for macOS devices. Once the application is downloaded, simply open the app. The book will be in you "Shelves."

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